Salon Media Group, Inc. (2012 - 2017)

Senior Director of Engineering (Apr. 2014 - Jun. 2017),
Director of Engineering (Aug. 2012 - Apr. 2014)

• Directed, architected, and aided the implementation of system and site changes improving the site uptime percentage from roughly 85% to 99.985% (The addition of three 9's to the significant end).
• Directed 7 person team in complete corporate CMS migration, from closed source proprietary legacy system to open source based publishing platform in 8 months.
• Directed, managed, and aided the implementation of numerous new products, including multiple full site redesigns, iOS and Android applications, a full "eat your own dog food" RESTful API as the common data source for all products, a paid subscription model, and new video products.
• Directed, managed, and aided the implementation of a migration from colocated servers to a full cloud based infrastructure, significantly lowering operating costs while increasing site relability, scalability, and maintainability.
• Architected internal process, development, and deployment improvements, increasing communication, team efficiency, quality control, and reducing average development time per project.

Managed development and systems engineers. Maintained and managed departmental budget. Worked with Product department and C-level management to set technical priorities, company goals, and project timelines. Worked with company stakeholders, customers, and external vendors to define and address company-wide needs and goals. Provided technical oversight of all engineering projects. Selected and Interfaced with external vendors. Mentored engineers. Provided technical specifications for engineering projects. Wrote code.

Technical Manager (Jan. 2012 - Aug. 2012)

Provided technical oversight of engineering projects. Mentored engineers. Worked with Product department and upper management to set technical priorities, company goals, project timelines. Provided technical specifications for engineering projects. Wrote code. Interfaced with external vendors.

AcademyX. (2009 - 2011)


Highest rated instructor by both students and corporate clients

Taught classes to both private and corporate clients in a large variety of subjects, including Perl, Android application development, Java, XML, XSLT, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Object Oriented Programming, Regular Expressions, Visual Basic, Linux, VIM, and Bash and Korn Shell scripting.

Provided analysis of client's future training needs, and developed syllabus and course materials for new classes based upon current and desired business goals and directons.

WhiteHat Security, Inc. (2006 – 2009)

Software Engineer

Designed custom LDAP-based two factor authentication and authorization system that integrated into existing application framework.

Developed internal applications and middleware code for a web application security auditing and evaluation product, mainly using Perl and PostgreSQL. Provided application analysis and worked with internal customers to develop project requirements.

General Electric, Consumer and Industrial (2004 – 2006) (Contracted by ATS Reliance, Inc.)

Software Engineer / Process Analyst

• Designed and built an OpenGL-based 3D graphics/navigation engine, allowing real-time visualization of manufacturing environments, parts inventory, and work flow processes.
• Provided process analysis and new Programmable Logic Controller programming resulting in a 30% increase in output of a manufacturing plant.

Developed applications to support material management processes, including custom Programmable Logic Controller controls allowing “black box” functionality for easy direct communication with PLCs from other applications, new visualization and modeling tools, and customer error handling libraries.

Internal tools providing support for current business practices.

US Army Advanced Research Institute (2004) (Contracted by Sytex, Inc.)

Software Engineer / Network Administrator

Developed custom multiseat X server, allowing two users to control the same workstation with individual points of focus simultaneously.

Developed virtual combat environments and custom tools designed to investigate the applicability of computerized simulations for training soldiers in Command and Control roles.

Rebuilt IT infrastructure to support multi-platform mission requirements, as well as to meet network security and reliability standards.

Genesys Development, Inc. (2001 – 2003) (Company on contract to Humana)

Project Manager / Business Analyst (2002 -2003)

Analyzed, designed, and managed the implementation of a secure application process for the website of a Fortune 100 health care/insurance provider, resulting in estimated corporate savings of over $3 million per year through an eightfold reduction of individual application processing time.

Managed cross-functional teams of Genesys employees, customer staff, and independent contractors on eight projects, including: • A custom XML-based secure messaging system allowing real-time data sharing between corporate healthcare partners. Provided significant gains in data accuracy, data processing times, and overall customer experience. • A website access control system that only allowed users access within an individually defined time window, resulting in increased site security and ease of user maintenance. Responsible for the scope and design of all managed projects. Acted as a liaison between customers and programming staff, thereby ensuring overall customer satisfaction. Developed use cases, visual interface documents, and software design documents.

Software Engineer / Web Developer (2001)

Designed and developed bespoke reporting platform and templating language, allowing new custom reports to be developed in minutes, improving upon the prior requirement for new development projects per report.

Developed web applications, SQL store procedures, and custom COM objects using Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and SQL Server (7 and 2000). Developed application design documents and support documentation. Developed table designs and SQL stored procedures for SQL Server. Improved application and database performance through optimization and tuning.

SNE Systems, Inc. (1999 – 2000)

Software Engineer

Designed and built a new corporate website providing secure intra-company communication as well as external customer areas, custom CGIs, dynamic content generation, and web-based content administration.

Member of cross-functional project team, responsible for application development and implementation. Built client/server applications in VC++, utilizing MFC, the Win32 API, COM objects, and Winsock communication that interfaced with both hardware I/O devices (barcode scanners and printers) and other systems using custom messaging over TCP/UDP. Set up and implemented new web servers. Served as webmaster for new corporate website. Administered a 90+ computer network (mixed NT 4.0, Windows 98, Linux, and QNX).


University of Louisville - J.B. Speed School of Engineering, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; 2003 - 2004
University of Kentucky, Computer Science; 1997
University of Louisville, Mechanical Eng./ Pre-Med Major; 1993 - 1994